1. Can I pay with a Credit Card?

Currently, thenailbar only accepts CASH.

2. Can I call to schedule an appointment?

Yes. Please email us.

3. What is your cancellation policy?

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy, otherwise you will be charged.

4. Are WALK-INs welcome?

Sadly, No.  Michelle works alone at thenailbar, and she gives her clients her full attention, without interruption. Therefore all appointments must be booked online ahead of time.  Michelle values her time with her clients and so prefers to do it this way. Telephone calls will go to voice mail most of the time for the same reason. However, Michelle will call you back as soon as possible.

5. I have shellac on my nails, but I'm ready to GO NATURAL!  Will you remove it?

Of course!  Please call, email thenailbar@hotmail.com, that you will need shellac removal prior to your appointment.

6. I have difficulty getting into some spa chairs.  Can you help?

Michelle's spa chair is tall, requiring you to climb up two steps to reach the seat.  If you are restricted in movement, please bring someone to assist you in and out of the chair.  Sadly, due to a lower back issue, Michelle is unable to help.

7. I have a medical condition.  Should I consult with you first?

For a Medical Rx pedicure, please fill out the contact form below , Michelle will get back to you to discuss your foot and hand health care needs together.

8. Do you disinfect your tools?

Michelle's instruments are pre-packaged, and she heat-steam autoclaves all implements used in the salon.

9. How are the spa tubs disinfected?

Michelle sprays the tub right after the client gets up out of the chair with a 50/50 water and bleach mixture, then leaves the tub to soak for 10 minutes.  She then scrubs and rinses the tub with water.

10. What is a Podologist?

A podologist is someone who has advanced knowledge in lower limb diseases and disorders, as well as gait analysis and advanced pedicuring skills. They specialize in pedicuring geriatric, diabetic and immune-compromised clients.

The lack of standardization in pedicuring services in salons and spas means that clients who are diabetic, suffer with ingrown toenails, skin or nail infections, or even structural disorders may not be getting the proper care they require.

At thenailbar, Michelle is licensed and has the expertise to take care of conditions like this.  Connect with her @ thenailbar@hotmail.com to learn more about your condition or needs.

11. You say your nail services are natural. Do you still use polish?

Of course! Michelle is the best  custom color picker.  With Zoya Nail Polish, you don’t have to compromise a healthier lifestyle for a glamorous one. Go worry-free with a formula that is free of nasty chemicals like Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Camphor.

12. If I come weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, would there be a different price?

Yes!  Absolutely.  Ask about it when you come to your appointment, and together you and Michelle can agree on a standing rate.

13. What can't you treat?  Are you a doctor?

Michelle is neither a doctor or nurse.  Here is her list of medical services.  Your condition may be beyond Michelle's scope.  Contact her if you are still unsure, and she can let you know.

14. Do you do nail art?

Yes, but Michelle doesn't keep it in stock.  Bring your art and she'll do the creative work.  Text/call Michelle before making an appointment, as she will need to allow more time.

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